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A national app revolutionizing the way we access and choose non-alcoholic drinks while out, connecting you to bars and restaurants across the US that have options you can enjoy.


We’re a national app making it easier to find non-alcoholic drinks out, connecting you to bars and restaurants across the US that have options you can enjoy. We are hard at work bringing the BuzzCutt app to life, all thanks to your support. Follow us on social and subscribe to our newsletter below for the latest updates on app development and upcoming events.

Main features


The Challenge

BuzzCutt was founded in 2022 by Olivia and Sarah Sears, whose personal journey going out sans alcohol has deeply informed the app’s purpose. It can be challenging navigating bars and restaurants where there aren’t always alcohol-free options (or, where the options are soda or a sugary mocktail). Planning a night out with friends, Olivia would spend time browsing the store finders of N/A brands, or searching through menus to find a spot that would feel inclusive.


Choosing not to drink (for any reason at all) shouldn’t have to be an isolating experience. Sarah and Olivia seek to bring this same comfort and ease to the masses through BuzzCutt as a tool to find places serving N/A-friendly drink options.


The Process

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