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Protocol One

Healthcare & Medical

Protocol One

Customized Workplace Injury Prevention and Readiness


Protocol One is a telehealth platform that aims to improve physical well-being by providing fitness, mobility, or physical rehabilitation services to individuals, particularly blue-collar workers who are often prone to workplace injuries. This app was designed by business partners Bill, a physical therapist, and Michael, a tech entrepreneur, who saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between physical health and technology.

Main features

Protocol One

The Challenge

The main challenge in building Protocol One was to create an intuitive user interface for blue-collar workers who may not be tech-savvy. It was also important to design a dashboard that would be easy for the admin to assign tasks to users and to provide metrics to both the users and the business owners.


The design goal with Protocol One was to build an app that was simple to the point where employees could understand intuitively and build a dashboard that could be used by the admin in order to assign tasks to users.

Protocol One

The Process

Determine the essential features and functionality the app should offer. This include workout tracking, exercise libraries, video tutorials and, progress monitoring;

Sketch Wireframes and Create Mockups;

Design the User Interface, focusing on creating a clean, intuitive, and engaging user interface.

High fidelity Design

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