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Exorkízein The Real life Ghost Hunting Game

The promising indie game is a horror ghost hunting and investigation, uses references of real life ghosts from folklores around the world, haunted location inspired all the game maps. The game release date on steam is for the Q3 of 2024.

About The Game

The real life ghost hunting game

  • 26 Real life ghost investigation equipments

  • 24 real worldwide folkloric ghosts

  • 13 real life haunted locations

  • 6 real life cursed objects

  • 32 collectables items


Players can prestige to unlock new player skins, headquarters, equipments, maps, and more.

Game Modes & Features

Game modes include Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Cooperative play, VR Support, Full Controller Support, Achievements, Cloud data saves. Soon will have Competitive and Ranking.

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Real life Haunted Locations

Diplomat Hotel Map
Diplomat hotel


Borley Rectory Map
Borley Rectory


Santos Port Brazil

Santos Port


Poveglia Asylum Italy

Poveglia Asylum (Prototype)


Grahamstown South Africa

Grahamstown Prison (Prototype)

South Africa

Chernobyl, Ukraine

Chernobyl (Prototype)


Monte Cristo Australia

Monte Cristo (Prototype)


Isla Munecas Mexico

Isla Munecas (Prototype)


Ghosts & Evidences

All the ghosts are from some folklore from different parts of the world, we made so the ghosts will have similar features to their history. Creating this different behaviors is no easy task since there is a complex mechanics to create them.

Exkz Map.png

Origin of our inpirations

North America

United States (Maps/HQ)

Mexico (Maps/Ghost)

St Lucia (Map)

South America

Venezuela (Ghost)

Colombia (Ghost)

Ecuador (Ghost/HQ)

Brazil (Ghost/Map)


Australia (Map)


Norway (Map)

Ireland (Ghost)

United Kingdom (Map)
Germany (HQ)

Italy (Map)

Romania (Map/Ghost)

Albania (Ghost)

Greece (Ghost)

Turkey (Ghost)

Ukraine (Map)


Israel (Ghost)

Pakistan (Ghost)

India (Map)

Nepal (Ghost)

Thailand (Ghost)

Indonesia (Ghost)
Malaysia (Ghost)

Philippines (Map)

Japan (Ghost)

China (Ghost)

Micronesia (Ghost)

Myanmar (Ghost)


Algeria (Map)

Chad (Ghost)

Egypt (Ghost)

Angola (Ghost)

South Africa (Map)

Girl Scout Ghost Event

Game Release Dates

Steam Page (Wishlist)

Q1 of 2024

Closed Alpha

Q2 of 2024

Beta Release

Q3 of 2024

Game Development Progress Screenshots

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